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Gorgeous, Naturally Radiant Skin This Summer…

My Secret Weapon for Radiant Skin This Summer:

I love to play with make-up as much as the next girl. You can partially blame that on my years of high school theatre. =) But let’s face it, there isn’t much to admire in a woman who has a full on face mask before 12 noon and not all of us can head out the door sans-concealer and feel confident.  

Along with a healthy skin care regimen, I have finally found a product that helps me avoid a 6am date with my foundation brush and has me out the door feeling sexy in my own skin! Another HUGE benefit in this product is that it doubles as your daily moisture containing SPF 30.

With Summer just a few months away, skin care in terms of sun protection is detrimental! Sun damage will cause pre-mature aging and discoloration of your pigment. So while sipping on your margarita pool side this June, don’t forget your SPF!

My daily MUST-HAVE product (at a budget-friendly cost) is:

Aveeno Active Naturals “Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer”


Aveeno Sheer Tint Moisturizer goes on light-weight with no oily-residue (as some SPF products leave) and after applying as you would your A.M. moisturizer you see your skin go from dull to healthy and bright in a matter of minutes! =) 

AND you can find it at your local Walgreens or Target for around $14-16 for a 2.5oz bottle.  Now if you are thinking that is a bit pricey for a teeny bottle of moisturizure keep in mind 2 things:

1:  Foundations/Concealers usually run for double this price!-

  • Since using this product, the lifetime of my pricer items has doubled since I no longer have to use them in the morning or for a quick run to the book store! I now save them for my night time escapades, AMAZING.

2: A.M. Time-Saver:

My mornings now consist of a “5-minutes and I am Good to Go” Routine. Wash face, apply Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer, a little bronzer/blush, mascara and lipgloss and I am good to go! MAJOR BENEFIT. 

If you are like me and still love to get the pop of drama using a bright lip-stain or smokey eye, Aveeno works none-the-less as an evening skin base that your skin will absorb.


Here I used Aveeno Sheer Tint, a dab of concealer around the eyes, a sun-kissed bronzer, smokey eyeliner and a nude lip-gloss.  It was simple and my skin felt great!

Sexy, healthy skin is definitely underrated, yet essential! Nurture it and protect it. <3 

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